I Stand Strong

By Birmajii Dhaabaa


I stood up when my father was gunned down

I stood up when my house was burned down

I stood up when my sister was raped in front of my eyes

I stood up and watched blood tears coming down my mom’s eyes


Still, I am standing straight and stronger than ever

However, my heart is still full of pain

Watching my father’s last breath

Remembering my sisters scream and feeling helpless

The image of that day will never be erased out of my mind


It was painful losing everything we had and living in a small hut

It was painful growing up fatherless

It was even more painful seeing the pain in my sister’s and my mom’s eyes


Death that took my father away at the young age,

Could not find me when I was in deep pain

It was insane going through such experience at the young age


But the way my father died,

The way my sister was rapped, and

The tears that goes down my mom’s eyes

On a daily basis, wouldn’t let me sit.


It’s burning me from inside of me

Like gas depot that caught a fire

It sparks through my eyes

Every time I remember,

It was September 1994,

Four days before my dad’s 36th b-day

On this day Sept. 18, I stay up all night and cry

When most people sleep

It is deep but this paper can’t tell the whole story

I am sorry,

But the frustration and the pain won’t let me write the whole history


My eye is full of tears,

My heart is full of pain

My mind is full of image

That won’t let me sleep


I am the son of the true brave

That is now in grave but still fighting

I am the son of a loving father

That has to carry pain and pride on the same shoulder


I am fatherless

I am homeless

I am a son with house full of pain

I am a son with big dream but crushed by an enemy

You know what thou, it’s not the end of me,

I won’t give up my dream, I will fight harder,

Take my time and become stronger



I am still standing straight and stronger than ever

However, it’s still so painful to live with such experience,

I swear if it wasn’t for my dad’s last word

That has been pushing me forward,

I don’t know where I would be.


It sparked something in me

I hope it will spark you too

As much as it sparked me


If I spark you, and you spark the next person,

And the next person sparks the next person

I will become we, we will become a nation

Before you know it we will spark a nation

That is ready for self determination


It will continue………….




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