Jawar Mohammed: I am quite optimistic about the future of Ethiopia

Gadaa.com conducted an interview with a young Oromo political analyst and social commentator, Mr. Jawar Mohammed, about his childhood, political views and visions. He also shared his views on the state of politics in Ethiopia and the Horn, the Oromo struggle and the upcoming election. He’s the interview.

Gadaa.com: Tell us about yourself.

Jawar Mohammed (JM): I grew up in Dhummugaa, a small rural town on the Arsi-Hararge border in Oromia. I think of Dhummugaa as my hometown – the place where I came of age and where I attended elementary school until I got kicked out and left for Asella. There, I went to a Catholic school for a year and Cilaalo secondary school for another year until I once again had to move to Adama, where I took my high school national exam.

From there, I won a scholarship to attend the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, where I studied Afaan Oromoo and other subjects. Upon completion of my studies there, I came to Stanford for my undergraduate degree and graduated this past June. Currently, I have just completed an internship in Washington, DC; and I am now conducting an independent research. I plan to start graduate school this coming September.

Gadaa.com: You have come out hard on the politics-as-usual establishment in Ethiopia. Your first article lambasted the OLF leadership for its failure; your subsequent articles berated Ethiopianists’ unjust views on self-determination; and your most recent article depicted the hostage-captor relationship between the people of Tigray and TPLF.

Full Interview @ Gadaa.com (Jawar Mohammed: Oromo movement has achieved its objectives, but not concluded its journey)



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