Ahmed Hussein : Religion is Pulling Our Struggle Back

The Unity and Reconcilliation Forum held on September 25, 2010, organized by Oromo Artists Assoction, was concluded with the signing of a unification agreement between the two main factions of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Leading OLF founding members, Obboos Ahmed Hussen, Xaha Abdi, Leencoo Lataa and Diimaa Nagoo, spoke at the event.

Speaking to some of the issues that are undermining the Oromo struggle, Obboo Ahmed Hussein stated, “religion is pulling the Oromo struggle back.” He cautioned that the Oromo Diaspora communities are abandoning the struggle and turning to churches and mosques. Calling on all Oromos to reevaluate their current role in the advancement of Oromo struggle, he stressed the notion that religion is a personal matter, while Oromummaa is a collective identity.

Obbo Ahmed reassured the audience that the current reconcilliation effort spearheaded by founders and senior OLF members is an attempt at a winning resolution that doesn’t beguile the parties involved in accordance with a long-standing Oromo tradition. For what can be grasped from the short video clip, Obbo Ahmed, like many of his contemporaries, failed to mention the reasons that pushed people away from the struggle in the first place. Repeated failures of political leadership, coupled with a series of strategic blunders and infighting, demoralized and demobilized a once ethusiastic public forcing them to take up religion as a means of recupration.

Yet, by and large, OLF remains a force to reckon with in Ethiopia’s illusioned and tight political environment. A true unity and reconcilliation, not a usual political manuever, is a critical first step. Perhaps, the current reconcilliation effort is OLF’s last hope to reinvent itself and emerge from the squabbles of recent years.

Here is a Video segment from Mr Ahmed’s speech from our partners at OdaaTV.

Following the signing of the agreement OLF issued the following;

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is happy to announce that after a series of talks under the mediation of its founders and senior members have agreed to reconcile and unify the organization by signing a major agreement on September 27, 2010.
Accordingly, the reconciliation and unification will be finalized within the next five months. The parties availed themselves of the Oromo people’s rich heritage of conflict resolution to reach at this win-win solution.

The Oromo Liberation Front urges its members, supporters, and the general public to leave the past behind and redouble their efforts and rededicate themselves to the unfinished business of achieving freedom and liberty.

We believe consolidating the Oromo camp is of paramount importance. Hence, we call upon all Oromo organizations to heed our people’s call for unity.

Victory to the Oromo People!

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