Top Oromo Websites of 2010

In 2010, we have seen some of the top websites fading away and new ones coming up. One of the most popular Oromo website of the past decade (OromoIndex.com) has not been updated since July 10, 2010. Ayyaantuu.com, another popular site, went under construction and has not bounced back.

New websites such as Urji.info and other blogs are trying their best to keep our people informed. It is not easy to maintain a website;  it requires a commitment day after day, month after month, and year after year; it takes time, energy, money,  courage, derive and dedication to be able run it.  

The internet has different indices to measure the vitality of a website. For example, Alexa ranks websites based on a calculation using a combination of average daily visitors and page-views.

For the period covering the past 3 months, OPride.com is ranked 270,101th in the world and 56,234th in U.S.  Our visitors view 10.5 unique pages each day on average/per person.

Please Visit Alexa.com to view the rankings of sites.

Per Alexa the Top 5  Oromo  Websites of 2010 for sources of news are:
1.    Opride.com – 270,101

2.     Jimmatimes.com -328,091

3.     Gadaa.com – 341,990

4.    Bilisummaa.com – 3,307,449

5.    VoiceOfOromia.com –  6,015,717

The Top 5  Oromo  Entertainment Websites of 2010 are:
1.    Opride.com – 270,101

2.    ManaBuna.com -1,030,499

3.    Faarfannaa.com – 1,760,789

4.    Oromosounds.com – 7,093,334

5.    Oromiamusic.com – 12,827,948

These are the top 5 Oromo Entertainment sites of 2010.  Most of these sites provide audio and video streams (please check the bracket for more info).

Opride grew from 752,359 hits a month in December of 2009 to 1,845,387 in December 2010. This may not seem a lot compared to other big sites, since we are only on the web for two and half years. But the direction is unmistakably clear: it is the fastest growing Oromo website.

Lastly, in the life of OPride, 2010 was an epic year. With your continued loyalty, readership and contribution, from an amateurish debut in 2008, we have grown to become the #1 Oromo website. Whether it is a non-stop streaming of the old, new, and classic Oromo music, in all its genre and variations,  live broadcasts of Oromo forums, news stories, or analysis and commentaries, we hope OPride has lived up to its promises. In the New Year, Hambaa, the Oromo literary art collection and preservation project will finally be released. Many more project ideas are also in the works.

The three day service interruption in October was a major downer. But that was also caused by the unprecedented growth registered. Our New Year’s motto: We Want To Go Far, Lets Hop Together!



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