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Hambaa Habalee Cittee, OPride.com’s Afan Oromo heritage preservation project is now live. We take immense pride in the generation before us for keeping time-honored Oromo edifices intact. It is with a sense of duty and urgency that we launch Hambaa in this beta version. The beta features proverbs, riddles, poems and short novels submitted by our readers. We are grateful to all those who have contacted us following our last call for contributors.

Our door is still open to those who want to chip in what they know so that this project will be a success. Furthermore, we welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve the page as we seek to upgrade from the beta version.

We reiterate that in our time, it doesn’t have to be the case that every time an Oromo elder dies, a library is lost. If we can’t build a physical library wherever we go, we can take a virtual pocket library along. With your contribution, we hope, Hambaa will be a quick stop shop for Oromo proverbs, riddles, folktales, traditional hymns, and etc.

The OPride staff recognizes that a lot has been done to collect Oromo literary pieces in the last two decades. But the rich and diverse nature of Afan Oromo makes it hard to conclude enough is done. In addition, there is no one online source that functions as a source for that wisdom tradition. We are honored to take part in this endeavor.

Hambaa on the Web : http://opride.com/hamba/



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