Oromo comedy, What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Written by Big Z

A Minnesota-based Oromo youth cultural group, Gumii Aadaa fi Afaan Oromoo, released the first of many short plays that they have been working on for months. The group’s first major release, filmed by Big Z, OPride’s graphic editor, recounts the saga of two sisters — first-generation Oromo immigrants — whose tradition-bound father is actively looking to wed them to men of his choosing, afraid that they would date before marriage and spoil his reputation.

The sisters, having just emigrated to America, were looking to start dating and experience the American nightlife. A cultural clash ensues. It is hilariously entertaining, informative and goes to the heart of a cultural clash many immigrants, especially those hailing from cultures where arranged marriage is the rule of the day, experience in the West.

The large Oromo diaspora has been lagging behind its counterparts in telling its stories through works of art. We congratulate the youth group from Minnesota for making their debut and encourage them to persevere in their efforts. takes this opportunity to announce that it is actively seeking talented comedians and story tellers who are not camera shy.‬‪ Please contact us at or 414.367.6642‬.





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