Toronto hosts 17th #OromoSoccer Tournament

Written by Mohammed A

Founded in 1995, the Oromo Sport Federation in North America (OSFNA) promotes sports and cultural events by organizing annual soccer tournament. From Jun 30 – Jul 7, 2012, after years of failed bids, Toronto is playing host to Oromos from around the world. Here are some highlights from around the social web.

Are you in (going to) Toronto this week? Attending the annual North American #Oromo soccer tournament? Do you have a smart phone? Do you like taking photos? Are you on Instagram, yet? Do you Tout? Would you like to join a social media campaign to make #OromoSoccer trend worldwide?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we need you.

Ways to join:
On Twitter:
Subscribe to:!/OPride/oromo
Tweet game results, observations and photos using these two hashtag: #OromoSoccer and #Oromo

On Facebook:
Subscribe to:
Post photos, updates, and videos.

On Instagram:
Tweet your photos, tag me @OPride, and remember to add #OromoSoccer

OSFNA moments in video: download a Tout app at, record a quick video, and tweet it using #OromoSoccer

Call in your report: 414-467-6642

These are but only a few ways you could join. Use your own apps or platforms – write a blog. Whatever platform you choose to utilize, just let us know using the hashtag so that we can curate it all in one place.

Founded in 1995 to promote sports and cultural events among the Oromo diaspora, the Oromo Sport Federation in North America (OSFNA) organizes annual soccer tournaments. Starting June 30, 2012, after years of failed bids, Toronto is playing host to Oromos from around the world – who will the annual pilgrimage to attend sports competitions, cultural events, religious and political conventions.

Due to prior commitments, the is unable to attend the weeklong events, sometimes called Oromo convention. But we hope that those of you who live in Toronto and those who are attending the tournament – can help us cover the event. I believe that everyone with a camera phone is a citizen journalist.

So, tweet away, Instagram it, capture the moments on Tout, and share it on Facebook. Let’s make #Oromo and #OromoSoccer trend worldwide. It takes less than and only 140 characters. Join and let’s make OSFNA cool.

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