Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi Still MIA

Written by Mohammed A

The health and whereabouts of Ethiopia’s strong man, Meles Zenawi, has been a subject of a whirlwind of rumors and speculations over the last few weeks. Depending on which source you prefer; Zenawi is either dead, clinically dead, vacationing, on doctor prescribed extended sick-leave or in Addis Ababa safe and sound, resting.

In this rather lighthearted take, we chronicle the Timeline of Meles’ illness and death rumors. When and where did it all start? What do we know or don’t know about the premier’s health at this point? What can be gleaned from the government’s official statements? Post-Meles Ethiopia, already?

Please email us the many other reports from “credible sources” via numerous Ethiopian rumorwires that we missed: or tweet at @OPride. Here are but few Tweets from #WhereIsZenawi. Readers are encouraged to join the conversation.



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Mohammed Ademo is a freelance journalist based in Washington, DC. He's the founder and editor of, an independent news website about Ethiopia.

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