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Eritreans detained in Israel stage hunger strike

Eritreans held at the Saharonim detention facility in southern Israel continued their hunger strike for third week. 

The strike follows prolonged detention of Eritrean refugees requesting asylum in the country. Those participating in the strike were reported to have been separated from the general population and have their rights such as using a telephone revoked. Israel’s Attorney General, Yehuda Weinstein, recently approved a new provision that allows for prolonged detention of refugees, including those without a criminal history or without trial for those suspected of committing of minor crimes.


Iian Lior of Haaretz writes,

According to the procedure, “harm to the public order” includes crimes against property such as stealing a cellphone or a bicycle, forgery, particularly of visas and permits, and violence, including threats and assault. The procedure also sets criteria for canceling a migrant’s residency permit, which involve the nature of the offense and how often the offense was repeated.



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