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Eskinder Nega’s Letter from Ethiopian Gulag

Jailed journalist and blogger Eskinder Nega wrote a letter condemning the complacency of the U.S. government on press freedom and human rights violations in Ethiopia from his cell in Kaliti, a notorious prison on the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa.

Nega pleaded for U.S. intervention. A year after being sentenced to 18 years in prison under the Horn of Africa country’s anti-terrorism law, Eskinder wrote in a letter published by the New York Times,

It is time for the United States to live up to its historical pledge by taking action against Ethiopia, whose reckless government has, since 2005, been the world’s star backslider on democracy. I propose that the United States impose economic sanctions on Ethiopia (while continuing to extend humanitarian aid without precondition) and impose travel bans on Ethiopian officials implicated in human rights violations.



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Mohammed Ademo is a freelance journalist based in Washington, DC. He's the founder and editor of, an independent news website about Ethiopia.

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