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Egyptian delegates visit Ethiopia

Egypt is looking to patch up diplomatic relations with Nile basin countries amid ongoing conflict following the ouster of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, earlier this month. Last week, an Egyptian delegate visited neighboring countries including Ethiopia. The delegates led by Ambassador Mona Omar addressed, among other things, Ethiopia’s controversial dam on the Nile, GERD.

Abdelrahman Youssef and Ayah Aman of Al Monitor reported,

The new government is trying to address the crisis with Ethiopia regarding the Renaissance Dam on the political and technical levels by completing technical studies and gathering data on the dam, which the tripartite committee did not finish. Egypt is also holding negotiations on the international, regional and bilateral levels in order to highlight any potential damage or shortage threatening Cairo’s historical share, as noted by the new Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohammed Abdel Matlab in a conversation with Al-Monitor .



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