Global 2013 Irreecha celebration in pictures

Irreecha13 Oromia
Written by Mohammed A

(OPride) – The 2013 Oromo thanksgiving holiday, Irreecha, was colorfully celebrated by millions of Oromos worldwide last weekend.

OPride asked readers to send in their photos and videos. Here are a select few.

Hora Arsadi, Oromia (by Murteessaa Guutuu, Mirkena Abdeta, and Abdi Deddefo)


Washington D.C. (by Boonaa Ragassa)


Melbourne (by Aliyi Geleto)


Netherlands (by Geresu Tufa)


Oromo Community of Northern California (by Metti Etana and Obse Lubo)


San Diego (byDr. Peri Klemm)


Minnesota (by Big Z Pro and Abd Kadir)


South Africa (by ZGunners)


Stay tuned for more updates. More on Irreecha celebrations:



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