Five Oromo events you should not miss this summer

Oromoweek2014OPride’s Social Media Campaign

 As always, we are proud to announce that OPride staff and volunteers will be at most of these events to bring you up-to-date coverage of the #OromoWeek2014. Check out our past coverage (here, here, here and here). Continuing this tradition, we are launching our annual social media campaign to give all participants and our fans a chance to be part of this exciting Oromo story.

Are you attending any of these events? Do you have a smartphone? Do you like taking photos? Can we be Facebook friends? Are you on Instagram, yet? Do you Tweet (wait, what is that again)?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, is looking for you.

Here is how it works:

On Twitter:

Subscribe to:!/OPride/oromo

Tweet game results, event summaries, observations, videos and photos using hashtags: #OromoWeek2014 and #Oromo

 On Facebook:

Post photos, updates, commentary, tips and videos using #OromoWeek2014 and #Oromo. Got OPride? LIKE  our page, invite your friends and post your photos and updates to the page:

 On Instagram:

Tweet your photos and videos from Oromo week using #OromoWeek2014 #Oromo – and if you have a space tag @OPride.

 Call in your report: 414-467-6642

 These are but only a few ways you could join. Use your own apps or platforms – write a blog for OPride. Whatever platform you choose to utilize, just let us know using the hashtag so that we can curate it all in one place.

 We believe that everyone with a smartphone is a citizen journalist. The Oromo story is yet to be told. You can help us reach a wider audience, including those following the events from as far as Oromia, by simply tweeting, Instagramming and capturing your memorable moments from #OromoWeek2014.

 It takes less than 140 characters and a snap of a photo. JOIN NOW, and together let’s make the name #Oromo and #OromoWeek2014 trend worldwide.



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