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(OPride) — Welcome to the 2015 edition of the great Oromo get together in North America. On Saturday, Little Oromia welcomes thousands of Oromo expats from around the world for the 19th Oromo Sports Federation of North America (OSFNA) tournament and more.

As in the years past, OPride’s team of citizen reporters will provide you with both game highlights and off-the-field action during the weeklong extravaganza. But as in the years past, we are once again asking sports fans and OSFNA goers to play along and help us collect, collate and create memories that will be referred for many years to come. Here is a step-by-step guide to how you can help us tell the story of the 2015 Oromo week.

Use the official hashtag,  #OromoWeek2015 for all OSFNA related posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to draw attention to events and moments that are fit-to-share with the world. If you don’t want your thoughts and photos to be posted on OPride and elsewhere, please avoid using the hashtag.

The hashtag allows journalists and other Oromos who are not in Little Oromia to search and join the conversation and partake in those moments.

Share pictures and short video clips

Pictures add color and visual texture to the story. Videos go a little further, bringing the remote spectator closer to the action. You can capture a special moment such an opening ceremony, the winner of the Ababa Bikila race crossing the line, a goal, a half-time show or interviews with players or team leaders.

Behind the scenes action

Post snapshots of individual players or teams warming up. Always provide as much context as you can. Don’t post photos and videos without explanation, unless it is explained within the content. Remember to tell the reader what exactly they are looking at and other important identifiers necessary to understand what’s actually happening. Think of not just what you are looking at but what the fans and the viewing public who aren’t there should see. Make it spontaneous and feel free to add personal insights. It will be boring if you only reported the serious stuff.

Let’s recap:

Are you attending the 2015 Oromo week? Do you have a smartphone? Do you have a Facebook account? Do you like taking photos? Are you on Instagram, yet? Do you Tweet?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, is looking for you.

Here is how it works:

Via Twitter:

Tweet game results, observations, videos and photos using hashtags: #OromoWeek2015 and #Oromo


On Facebook:

Post photos, commentary, game updates and videos using #OromoWeek2015 and #Oromo.

Got OPride? LIKE  us at and post on the page:


On Instagram:

Tweet your photos and OSFNA moments using #OromoWeek2015 #Oromo – and remember to tag us @OPride.

These are but only a few ways you could join the buzz. Use your own apps or platforms – write a blog and email us at

Whatever platform you choose to utilize, just let us know using the hashtag so that we can curate it all in one place.

We believe that everyone with a smartphone is a citizen journalist, so don’t wait around for someone else to come and report it for you.

You can help us reach a wider audience, including those following the events from Oromia, by simply tweeting, Instagramming, and capturing your memorable #OromoWeek2015 events on Facebook.

Together, we can make #Oromo and #OromoWeek2015 trend worldwide this week. It takes less than 140 characters and a snap of a photo.





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