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Ethiopia frees Muslim leaders, journalists and political prisoners in renewed push for reforms

Written by OPride Staff

The prison gates in Ethiopia opened a little wider today. Following the release on Tuesday of seven prominent Oromo leaders, including Bekele Gerba, authorities released four key leaders of the Ethiopian Muslim community; pardoned two prominent journalists; dropped charges against members of the blogging collective, Zone 9; freed an Oromo women serving a life sentence.

As more political prisoners rejoin the society, impromptu celebrations for the release of pardoned Oromo leaders continue across the restive Oromia State.



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  • This is great news-Innocent Ethiopian Citizens just got released from jail!

    We now need to continue our struggle to secure the freedom of “all political prisoners in Ethiopia.

    The Ethiopian people have been unjustly brutalized by the TPLF criminal thugs for a quarter of a century- enough is enough. These TPLF criminal guerrillas were fighting to secede from
    Ethiopia, and create an independent Tigray state. They don’t care about the Oromos, Amharas or the rest of Ethiopian Multi-Erhnic society. They are purists just like the Nazi’s – they weren’t ethnically intermingled with the Oroms or Amharas. They absolutely don’t have the mandate to govern Ethiopia. Aw, we shouldn’t forget that they did claim wining 100% of the parliamentary seats.

    We’ll at some point need pursue these modern day African butchers to face justice through International Criminal Court (ICC) — their crime against humanity is well documented. They couldn’t hide from Justice!

    “Our faith is kept alive by the knowledge, founded on long experience, that the arc of history is long and bends toward justice,” Rabbi Jacob Kohn told his audience at Temple Sinai. “We have seen so many ancient tyrannies pass from earth since Egypt and Rome held dominion that our eyes are directed not to the tragic present, but to the beyond, wherein the arc of history will be found bending toward justice, victory and freedom.”

    Freedom and justice to my fellow brothers and sisters in Ethiopia!!